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Sao Jorge Island

Sao Jorge Island

Sao Jorge island, located in the heart of the archipelago, is undoubtedly a place to stop when visiting The Azores.

Not only for its magnificent landscapes, always with another island on the horizon (Pico, Faial, Graciosa and Terceira), but because of their mores and traditions, hospitality - main feature of the Sao Jorge -, activities you can do and that please to all kinds of people and ages, like the thousands of hiking trails that run along the island. if you want just to relax might go to one of the numerous coves, pull up a hammock, read a good book and enjoy the scenery.

Tempting, isn´t it? Let me add Jorgense gastronomy to this perfect holiday: the Azorean cuisine is very rich and diverse, with a simple taste, without complicated ingredients. The value of Tradition in this cuisine reigns and will take you to the house of wise mothers and grandmothers. Smells and tastes that fill the soul and comfort the stomach.

Holy Spirit Traditional Soups and sweet rice are mandatory when it's time for Divine Holy Spirit festivities. Other delicacies are closely related with pig killings: the blood sausage, the linguiça and greaves which are accompanied by sweet potatoes or delicious yams that grow on the island slopes.

Sao Jorge traditional sweets are Espécies, the Esquecidos and Suspiros. Tasting the famous  and repeatedly awarded cheese of São Jorge is mandatory. Be carefull with it unique and addictive flavor!

Walking through the municipality of Velas you can descend to the Fajas, major symbols of the Island: the Faja do Ouvidor, the Faja da Ribeira da Areia, the Faja d´Além (parish of Norte Grande); the Faja das Almas (parish of Manadas) and the Faja de João Dias (parish of Rosais). Enjoy the viewpoints and forest parks in particular the Sete Fontes Forest Park in Rosais. In addition to land tours, you can also take a boat trip around the coast of the island and be dazzled with the green slopes composed of small waterfalls.

In addition to the fascinating landscapes, visit the historic buildings such as the Old Tower or bell tower in the village of Urzelina, the Sacred Art Museum - located in the main church of Velas - the parish church of Manadas or the building of town hall, a seventeenth century building, example of The Azores civil baroque architecture.

Finally, you have activities to suit all tastes. As a family, a group of friends or even yourself, come and visit the  sleeping dragon island and saw with your own eyes that paradise, in fact, exists.

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