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1 Day Tour

1 Day Tour


Customers has the opportunity to view different landmarks of the island such as: The Handicraft facilities of Ribeira do Nabo, where they make different kinds of objects (bedspreads, quilts, blankets, tablecloths embroideries and other handmade objects) using several different materials such as wool, linen or cotton. Urzelina: one of the most significant events that happened in this town was the volcano eruption in 1808 that devastated the whole town except for the church tower.

It's also know for being the orange warehouse that focused its exports for the British market. Manadas: one of the oldest town in São Jorge island and it was probably created before 1559. The Santa Bárbara Church was built on an ancient temple dating back to the fifteenth century. Its construction dates back to the eighteenth century and given its magnificent and rare gilt work and ornamentation constitutes the most beautiful example of the Baroque style in the island of São Jorge, if not in the Azores. This church is classified as a National Monument. Calheta: is one of the counties located on the East side of São Jorge island. It's the county with the largest number of Fajãs and the largest number of Hiking trails, it has a small fishing harbor, a campsite, a youth hostel, a police station, a fire station and a local Health Center. In this area we'll make a short stop for lunch.

Ribeira Seca: where the Dairy and Agricultural Cooperative of Lourais is located and where they produce one of the best cheeses of São Jorge that is holder of a Designation Origin. Fajã dos Vimes: it's famous for its beautiful quilts that favor the geometrical motifs and the natural or gaudy colors typical of the Azorean folklore. They are produced in wooden looms, woven in wool and cotton.

This Fajã is also know for having the biggest coffee production on the island, due to the weather of this location the small plantations of Arabic coffee don't need any special treatments. After the harvest (between the months of May and the beginning of September), the Nunes family works together to dry, peel and roast it.Anyone who wants to try this aromatic coffee can do so by simply going to the Nunes Café.

Cubres Viewpoint: offers a view of a landscape that stretches from Fajã dos Cubres to Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo, which overlooks one of the cliffs of the North coast of the island as well as the magnificent lagoons of Fajã dos Cubres and Caldeira de Santo Cristo.

Viewpoint of Fajã do Ouvidor: where it's possible to have a very broad view of the high cliffs and escarpments of this part of the island, as well as a view of the Fajã below, nested by the sea. Sete Fontes Park: the reserve occupies a forest area of about 12 hectares of great beauty and natural diversity, it houses several different species of fauna and flora, while also acting like a nursery where plants are created and sent to other parts of the archipelago.

Note Lunch not included in the price of the tour;   In case the participant(s) wish to visit the inside of the Cheese Factory the price is 1,50€/pax and subject to previous reservation.

Prices from

Full day with lunch 1 pax 210€ | 2 pax 120€ | 3 a 5 pax 105€ | 6 a 8 pax 90€

Full day without lunch 1 pax 170€ | 2 pax 90€ | 3 a 5 pax 70€ | 6 a 8 pax 60€

Half Day 1 pax 190€ 2 pax 105€ | 3 a 5 pax 90€ | 6 a 8 pax 80€

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